Why You Should Consider Aluminum Fencing

When you think of aluminum fencing, do you think of cheap, lightweight metal the color of tinfoil? Think again! Aluminum fencing is, in reality, one of the sturdiest and most elegant options available. If you want an affordable fencing solution that also looks beautiful on virtually any property, aluminum fencing might be for you.


Aluminum fencing fits a wide variety of budgets due to the relatively low cost of the material. It has the distinct advantage of looking like wrought iron, a material synonymous with classic elegance and refined taste, but comes at a much lower price, making the beautiful appearance of wrought iron more accessible to everyone. Wrought iron typically costs nearly 2.5 times more than aluminum, making the latter material a smart alternative.


Despite its low cost, aluminum fencing is still beautiful and versatile. Since it can be made to resemble wrought iron, up to and including traditional design elements like decorative scrollwork, it adds instant elegance to any property. Aluminum fencing comes in a variety of colors, both light and dark, so it can be customized to perfectly fit in with your home aesthetic. This kind of fencing is especially well suited to pool enclosures and property gates.

Installation Benefits

Aluminum is a lightweight material, which makes it easier for your fence contractor to install. The material is also rackable, which means that your Bucks County fencing contractors can adjust it to uneven terrain without creating gaps between the fence posts and ground.

Low Maintenance

Aluminum doesn’t rust like iron does, which makes it more versatile in different climates and weather conditions. Unlike iron, aluminum does not need to be repainted frequently, if at all. Typically, aluminum fencing is coated with weather- and sun-resistant paint that lasts and looks fresh for years.

Strength and Security

Although lightweight, aluminum fencing is tough, especially when alloyed with titanium, which means that it’s unlikely that the material can be knocked over by wind or cut through by intruders. As a security measure, aluminum fencing combines elegance with protection. When topped with sharp spears, an aluminum fence still has curbside appeal while deterring intruders who would be otherwise tempted to scale your fence.