Fence For Yourself

So you kind of like the look of that fence installed by your neighbor, friend or a random homeowner whose house you drive by every morning on your way to work? Or maybe the word around the office is that keeping children, pets and possessions safe is easier when a fence separates them from all the hazards out there. Either way, you’ve arrived at a place where you are considering installing a fence around your property, but are perhaps uncertain about which kind to choose and why. Well, it just happens you came to the right place for help. As experts at installing anything from wood to vinyl fences in Bucks Country, Pennsylvania, we are here to give you a little starter guide for choosing a fence that suits your individual needs.



One of our most popular fence material choices is aluminum. Some people have a preconception of aluminum as a cheap-looking material that’s not very durable. We can assure you that is entirely incorrect. Aluminum is a sturdy material that has a long life compared to many other fence types. Our aluminum fences also come in various colors that can be matched to the aesthetic of your house. Often aluminum is particularly popular as a pool fence or when the fence is needed for containing pets, because it’s maintenance free, sturdy, and its replacement parts are easy to acquire. Our aluminum fences also come with tighter spacing for smaller dogs.



One of the biggest pros of a PVC-vinyl fence is that it lasts practically forever. And we mean forever, as in it will probably outlast the cockroaches in a nuclear apocalypse. Well maybe not quite, but we’re sure you get the point. Vinyl fences also hold up to wind better than most common fences and our patented design goes together so tightly there are no gaps. Vinyl fence also doesn’t stain or get any scratches. Generally speaking, vinyl has many of the same applications as aluminum, although because of aesthetics, PCV-vinyl is less common as a pool fence.



Wood as a material is, in many ways, almost the complete opposite of aluminum and PVC-vinyl. It’s entirely natural and more versatile in terms of customization, but it has a much more limited lifespan, compared to aluminum and PVC-vinyl. It’s often popular specifically for its aesthetic look and for being 100% natural. Homeowners seeking a certain look or something with a natural lifespan are more likely to choose wood, particularly for more decorative fencing.